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5/20/16 Houston | Social Media Mishaps and Reputational Risk Oversight

May 20, 2016
Houston, TX



They Posted What Online? Social Media Mishaps and Reputational Risk Oversight

That off-color tweet from an executive is just a click away from working its way into the boardroom, media headlines and devices worldwide. Seasoned governance and social media oversight experts gave an overview of the key trends affecting social media and board oversight.  Guest NACD speakers shared cases of major corporate mishaps and meltdowns that went viral online.  They covered issues relating to Bring Your Own Device policies, digital stakeholder communication, employee social media communication and digital policies.   Whether communication is inadvertent or deliberate, public or “private”, this panel explored social media and reputational risk concerns and lessons learned.  The first 75 registered attendees received a copy of the book, Auditing Social Media:  A Governance and Risk Guide. 


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  Key Takeaway Document 05/20/16

Location and Time


The Junior League of Houston
1811 Briar Oaks Lane
Houston, TX 77057

7:00am   Check-in and Networking Breakfast

7:30am   Roundtable Discussions

7:45am   Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

9:15am   Closing and final networking

Speaker Spotlight


Howard Brownstein Moderator

The Brownstein Corporation
Director, PICO Holdings, P&F Industries

Howard Brownstein regularly serves as an independent member of Boards of Directors, and has chaired board Audit, Nominating and Strategic Planning/Risk Assessment committees. He currently serves on the Board of PICO Holdings (Nasdaq: PICO), a publicly-held diversified holding company, and P&F Industries (NasdaqGM: PFIN), a publicly-held manufacturer/importer of air-powered tools and various residential hardware, and recently served on the Board of LMG2, successor to Chicago Loop, a $600 Mil parking infrastructure entity in downtown Chicago, in which a lender group led by Societe Generale succeeded to ownership following a restructuring.

He previously served as sole Board member of Betsey Johnson LLC, a privately-held designer and retailer of women’s apparel with equity sponsor Castanea Partners, and on the Board of Directors of Special Metals Corporation, a $1 billion nickel alloy producer, where he also chaired the Audit Committee and which was sold at a substantial gain, and on the Board and Audit Committee of Magnatrax Corporation, a $500 million manufacturer of metal buildings, which was similarly sold for a large gain. He also served as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the National Philanthropic Trust, among the fastest-growing charities and largest grant-making institutions nationally (over $1 billion to date), and the largest independent provider of donor advised funds with over $700 million under management. Mr. Brownstein previously served on the Board of a regional bank, a retail department store, and nonprofit Boards including chair of a United Way agency.

Mr. Brownstein is a nationally-known turnaround and crisis management professional, and is the President of The Brownstein Corporation which provides turnaround management and advisory services to companies and their stakeholders, as well as in-vestment banking services, fiduciary services, and litigation consulting, investigations and valuation services.

Previously, Mr. Brownstein was Managing Director of Enprotech Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of ITOCHU (formerly C. Itoh), a Japanese trading company and then one of the world’s largest companies. Enprotech acted as ITOCHU’s acquisition and holding company for engineering service and product businesses with over $1 billion in assets. Mr. Brownstein served in several senior executive and board positions at Enprotech, including CEO and COO of The Stone Group, a leading multinational manu-facturer of comfort and safety equipment for the passenger rail industry with operations in the United States, Spain and England. Prior to becoming a turnaround management consultant, Mr. Brownstein founded a metals trading firm.

Mr. Brownstein is a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP). He has served on numerous boards of professional organizations, including the Turnaround Management Association, the Commercial Finance Association, and the American Bankruptcy Insti-tute, as well as board committees and program leadership, and received TMA’s “Outstanding Individual Contribution” award in 2007. He has published over eighty articles, books and chapters, and serves as a contributing editor to two publications. He is a regular guest-lecturer at Harvard Business School, Wharton, NYU, Villanova, and Northeastern, as well as at professional and educational programs.

Howard Brownstein is a graduate of Harvard University, where he obtained J.D. and M.B.A. degrees, and of the University of Pennsylvania, where he obtained B.S. and B.A. degrees from the Wharton School and the College of Arts and Sciences. Mr. Brownstein is admitted to the bars of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Florida, but does not actively practice law. He also served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, attaining the rank of First Lieutenant in the Medical Service Corps.

Michael Jacka

Chief Creative Pilot, FPACTS

Co-Author, Auditing Social Media: Risk and Governance Guide

Mike Jacka is an internal audit professional who is also an award-winning columnist, top-rated presenter, and author of works including Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction (now in its second edition), The Marketing Strategy: A Risk and Governance Guide, Auditing Social Media: A Governance and Risk Guide, and the soon-to-be published Auditing Humor and Other Oxymorons.

Retiring from a 30-year career in internal audit with Farmers Insurance, he is now the Chief Creative Pilot for Flying Pig Audit, Consulting, and Training Solutions (FPACTS). When will auditors provide value? When pigs fly. It is FPACTS’ mission to help all audit, risk, and governance professionals fly.



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